Fundamental Health Therapy

Our Fundamental Commitment: Finding and treating the underlying cause of disease and dysfunction, instead of addressing just the symptoms

Welcome to our clinic!

We are a “TeleMed” clinic that provides Functional Health diagnosis and therapy to those who want solutions to their health issues rather than medications addressing the symptom. We take a scientific approach to identify the true causes of poor health by utilizing food sensitivity testing and tests identifying toxins present in your body. As you might guess this takes time and a willingness to make changes, but it’s the only way to restore real health. Our board-certified doctors are working with people ready for change and to return to good health!

The good News: Once you experience the energy and the excitement of living with “Good Health”, you will never go back!

Our program involves more patient participation than other forms of medicine. We don’t just hand you a prescription and send you on your way. Instead, you’ll have an extended conversation with your practitioner where together, you will create an individualized healthcare plan. That plan will include lifestyle changes, because lifestyle habits are a major contributor to your health issues. We choose not to treat only the symptoms without addressing the actual cause.

New Hope Health Solutions is proud to partner with “Food Align” the industry leader in food sensitivity testing and “Healthy Lab Solutions, Inc.”, a leader in food, nutrient, & heavy metal testing.

They provide accurate and meaningful test results that assist practitioners in making informed treatment decisions for their patients. 

We’re not interested in a quick fix, and you’re probably not either. If you want to return to real health, Please take a minute to watch the short video below

The above video by Dr. Seth, one of our doctors, is a brief introduction to our discovery, diagnosis and treatment services aimed at scientifically identifying the root causes of your health issues. We will analyze and explain the test results and work with you to implement changes that will address your health issues. We are a team working together with you to get your body back in balance and healthy once more!