Fundamental Health Therapy

Discovery Call

New Hope Health Solutions is proud to deliver all pretherapy needs virtually through a “Discovery Call” conveniently by way of telemedicine or phone, whichever you prefer. Our experts here at “New Hope” focus on getting to know you and Discovering the necessary information to move forward testing for Foods and Toxins that are harmful to you as well as identifying Nutrients lacking in your diet. If you haven’t watched the introductory video by Dr. Seth, please watch it now (below) as a first step to finding your way to a healthy and vibrant life.

Please watch this important video by Dr. Seth as Step 1 of your journey to a healthy vibrant life.

From the video you now have a better understanding of how we take people suffering from various conditions and restore them back to a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Keep in mind also that everyone needs help, support and accountability, a key component in this process.

Whether your spouse, sibling, child or friend, you may want to include them on your Discovery Call. They will better understand your situation, and more importantly, the path that leads to your better health.

After your Discovery Call, we will order your testing kits and have them shipped directly to your home. When you receive them, follow the directions and send them back to the labs for processing. When we receive the results we will analyze them and create your personalized (unique to you) program that will get your body back into balance and ultimately to good health.” Once that is complete we will contact you, review the test results and present your “Personalized” plan. (We also provide a video of the analysis and personalized plan so you can reference it in the future if necessary.)

We’re very excited that you are one of the many who have come to the realization that there are better and more effective pathways to good health.

This revolutionary approach is common sense, it’s scientific (we test and don’t guess), it’s not as costly and intrusive as traditional medicine that treats the symptom rather than the cause and it has “NO” negative side effects. All side effects are positive and life changing!