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About Us

Dr Scot Gray is the owner of “New Hope Health Solutions” and is the father of two wonderful girls and husband to his beautiful bride, Jenn.

Dr Scot is a serial entrepreneur. He built and sold a successful chiropractic and decompression practice, The Ohio Neck & Back Pain Relief Centers in Marion, Ohio. Dr Gray now owns Gray Marketing Enterprises, LLC, Stem Cell One, has helped start stem cell clinics in multiple states, and is a partner in Regenerative Health Centers of Florida and CellSpark. Dr Scot focuses on building teams of people smarter than him to run and deliver services in these businesses, changes millions of lives of patients and doctors. 

He now focuses on delivering done-for-you marketing and turn-key systems for doctors using Stem Cell Therapy and Regenerative Medicine to take their practices and the health of their communities to the next level. He models what he uses in his 11 regenerative medicine clinics in other offices around the country.

He has been featured on NBC, ABC, and Lifetime Television. Dr Gray has been featured in books by Dan Kennedy and Bill Glazer for his expertise in marketing and building successful and profitable campaigns. Dr Gray is a Certified Partner with Infusionsoft and Digital Marketer, leading his field in digital marketing and advertising.

Dr Scot is the Author of GOOD BACK, BAD BACK: The 10 Things Women Must Know To Eliminate Pain and Look and Feel Younger, which is available on  He has presented over 850 lectures around Ohio on health, marketing, and advertising. Dr Gray is also a member of the Advantage Media Speakers National Network.

He graduated from Logan College of Chiropractic in 2003 with his Doctorate in Chiropractic and his Bachelor’s Degree in Human Biology.  He started his own practice in Marion, OH in June, 2004. Dr Gray built his businesses in a way that he could step out and run it as CEO and eventually sell it.

Dr Scot Gray grew up in Upper Arlington, Ohio and now lives with his family in Florida where he loves being an active member in his church and playing guitar in his “spare time”. He is a former district director and board member of the Ohio State Chiropractic Association, City Council President of Marion, Ohio, and a past-president of the Marion Rotary Club.

He has had the fortune to have worked directly with business, marketing, and sales leaders such as Zig Ziglar, Frank Kern, Ryan Deiss, and Dan Kennedy in high-level international marketing mastermind groups.

Dr Seth Gray graduated from Logan University in 2003 with his BS in Human Biology and Doctor of Chiropractic degree. Since 2003, Dr Gray started his first private practice in Marion Ohio and shortly after became clinic director for 2 different integrated clinics, providing chiropractic care, physical therapy, medical and regenerative medicine. In addition, Dr Gray has dedicated his time to educating the community on the benefits of nutrition, chiropractic care and regenerative cell therapy. He is also certified in Electrodiagnosis and has 14 years’ experience in neurodiagnostic testing completing over 6,000 studies, helping Physicians and patients alike, with increased quality of care and favorable patient outcomes.  Dr Gray is currently the director for Apex Diagnostics in Columbus Ohio and continues to educate patients and community on the benefits of nutrition, exercise, the anti-inflammatory lifestyle and regenerative therapy options. 
Above any achievement or accolade, Dr Gray takes great joy in seeing people make massive life transformations, to then pass on to their friends, family, and community. This can inspire real hope to others in need, that ultimately manifests in movements of health and longevity. Dr Gray’s journey is to leave behind a legacy of health and wellness to help his brothers and sisters of the chiropractic and naturopathic community around the world, bring real changes and a quality life to those who seek it.